Racism Awareness Project Just Launched

Our Mission

At the Awareness Lab we evaluate the factors that support Adolescents’ Wellness, the mental health implications of adolescents’ Awareness of Racism and factors that support positive Educational experiences. At the AWAREness Lab, we translate research findings to clinical and educational settings, ultimately bridging the gap between evidence and practice.

Core Themes of Our Research

Racism Awareness

Racism Awareness

Our research aims to define and explore the development of minoritized youth's racism awareness. We examine how race-based experience such as racial socialization and racial discrimination inform youth racialized worldviews.

Mental Wellness

Mental Welless

At the AWAREness lab, we focus on factors that bolster and support Black youth's mental wellness across multiple contexts, including community and schools.

positive youth development

Positive Youth Development

Our research team uses a strengths-based approach to investigate adolescent development, with a specific focus on cultural assets that supports their thriving in adolescence and educational success.

Educational Experiences

Research in Community

Understand race-based cognitions (e.g., racial identity, racism awareness) can lead us to learn more about how to engage minoritized youth in healing conversations regarding race within educational and clinical settings.